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  • Image of Microgreens Grow Kits
  • Image of Microgreens Grow Kits
  • Image of Microgreens Grow Kits
  • Image of Microgreens Grow Kits

Microgreens Grow Kits


Take your pick between two different microgreen grow kits from Urban Leaf and Modern Sprout. Both are conveniently designed for home grows, and will yield plants in just over one week.

MICROGREENS GROWNING KIT $39: Includes 4 popular seed varieties - Kale, Lentil, Mustard, and Radish - and 3 trays, so you can enjoy more variety.
• Seed to Superfood in 7 Days - 1) Start by adding water to the hydroponic grow trays 2) Add the 100% plant fibre grow mats 3) sprinkle seeds (USDA Organic) and 4) cover with germination tray until sprouts appear. 7-10 Days later, they're ready to be eaten on your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or smoothies.
• Sized To Fit Your Lifestyle - Most microgreens kits include large grow trays which produce way more sprouts than a small household can realistically consume, which results in wastage. Our trays are sized to fit your lifestyle - offering 1-2 servings at a time and allowing you to enjoy a constantly rotating sample of fresh greens.

POLLINATOR HABITAT $17.99: Plant, Pop & Sprout! This interactive Microgreens Kit will get you hooked on the bright flavor of nutritious microgreens. Set up your pollinator garden diorama and watch your micro garden come to life!
Features certified organic seeds and a 100% biodegradable growing tray.
Spicy and zesty, radish microgreens are the packed with nutrients and the perfect salad add-on or sandwich enhancement! Eat immediately after harvesting.
Microgreens Kits are assembled in Chicago of domestic and imported components.