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  • Image of Hand Rolled Incense Cones
  • Image of Hand Rolled Incense Cones

Hand Rolled Incense Cones


These hand rolled incense cones are unique in that they contain 100% organic materials. The plants and herbs are ground into a fine powder and only all natural ingredients are used to create the base of these hand rolled cones. Trust me, once you smell one you’ll know the difference! Many mass produced incense contain harmful chemicals you are then breathing in. The philosophy is if you are using incense as any kind of ritual, you definitely want healthy organic material to foster that space. The Lady Strange incense is handmade in Mondovi , WI by Emily Franzen (sister of Sparrow owner Jessica), and each pack contains 10 cones.
The Grove: Cedar and rosemary
Love: Patchouli and rose
Ming Your Business: Spices, benzoin, and orange
Peace: Lavender and frankincense
Purity: Eucalyptus and spruce
Strange Mist: Mugwort and hops